Susan Skyring

Ph 0417 730 313

With the natural ability to communicate with both the physical world and the subtle world, Susan Skyring, of, shares her unique gift providing accurate clairvoyant readings, and is well known for giving proof and confirmation of loved ones in spirit.

Predictions of clients’ current life circumstances and her ability to guide them forward in achieving their desired outcomes has Susan Skyring recognised as one of the most sought after Clairvoyants both in Australia and Internationally.

Susan offers face to face readings in the recently opened Mind, Body & Spirit Centre located in the beautiful seaside town of Hervey Bay, Queensland or via telephone or Skype. Bookings can be made online via her personal website by clicking here of contacting the Centre direct.

In addition, Susan Skying has studied and mastered the techniques of Feng Shui ( is a leading Feng Shui Practitioner offering a wide range of services for both the home and business.

She combines the wisdom shared with her from the ancient masters both physically and metaphysically with her Feng Shui mastery, along with her training as a building design consultant, applying the relevant techniques to the home or business, furnishings, gardens and landscaping providing positive direction to the areas of life requiring enhancement or significant change.

Susan Skyring has been known to assist in the area of buying and selling real estate and it is well worth the investment in engaging Susan for a consultation in preparation of one of the most emotional and important transactions. Her assistance can be either via personal visitation or via submission of house plans with telephone and Skype hook up. Read what some of her satisfied clients have to say about results they have experienced thanks to a Feng Shui consultation.

Bookings Online, can be made online via her Feng Shui Readings website by clicking here or contacting the Mind, Body & Spirit Centre on 0417 730 313.