Spinal Flow Technique

Founded by former chiropractor Dr Carli Axford, the Spinal Flow Technique healing modality has its roots in the philosophy, science and touch of the spine and nervous system.

Our bodies hold signs and symptoms of the stress we’ve experienced during our lifetime. Karen knows how to feel for the three types of stress which cause spinal blockages – chemical, physical or emotional stress, and facilitate the release of these blockages in the spine and nervous system that cause disease in the body.

Spinal Flow Technique relieves people’s pain, symptoms and dis-ease by connecting their nervous system to the brain to release spinal blockages and integrate their experiences.

The technique transforms people’s wellbeing by connecting them to what already works in their body and expanding that to allow the Spinal Wave to flow from the coccyx to the cranium.

There is an innate instinct inside every human body to restore, allay and mend itself. Just as our gut digests our food and our hair grows, our bodies know how to heal by harnessing the nervous system.

Spinal blockages are a bit like static interference for our master controller – the spine and nervous system – which can block the flow of our body’s aptitude to heal itself. Spinal Flow Technique helps locate blockages that cause symptoms like pain or illness by making contact with the 33 access points of the spine to allow healing to happen.

Karen understands how to effectively assess and enable the body to connect to the ease that exists within. Spinal Flow Technique healing sessions harness the power of group energy and allow multiple people to be worked on at the same time.

The body has its own wisdom, and this is the philosophy that underpins Spinal Flow Technique.

There is a Spinal Wave sitting inside every human body, waiting to connect our brains with our nervous system and fully explore the wisdom within.

Spinal Flow Technique is based on the philosophy that the human body has everything it needs inside itself to heal.

The body has an innate intelligence to help us respond to the demands of the world around us. Just as there is a state of equilibrium – where healing, digestion and wellbeing happen – there is equally a load of pressure and stress in our modern lives.

The three most common forms of stress store as spinal blockages - emotional stress from past traumas, chemical stress from the foods we eat and the products that surround us and physical stress from accidents, postural strain or sustained sitting lead to blockages.

If you are interested in finding out more about this amazing, gentle, effective technique please contact Karen on 0422630127 for a complimentary Health Assessment to discuss how Spinal Flow may help you.

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Testimonials :-

I have been visiting Karen for a number of years for Bowen Therapy and getting fantastic results. When she suggested I try the Spinal Flow Technique I jumped at the opportunity. I thought Bowen was great, well now I can do things that would normally leave me hobbling around for ages, yet now I recover very quickly. Thank you Karen for your caring and healing skills and also for bringing this new modality into your clinic.
S.B. 2021

I would just like to give a big thank you to Karen for the Spinal Flow Treatment. Wow - If you have not tried the Spinal Flow with Karen I can highly recommend it. Its one of the most relaxing treatments I have had the pleasure of trying. Ive had a few neck and jaw issues of late and I found this to be so effective without any pain. I will be booking for a series of these as I feel its a perfect treatment to help heal the whole body.
J.B. 🙏🙏🙏