Sage Aura Clearing

Aura Cleansing is a form of spiritual healing that cleanses and repairs damaged or dull and clouded auras. The aura is a luminous energy field surrounding all living points and ideally it should be clear, bright and glowing, with colours of vibrancy.

As unwanted negative energy is attracted, the aura can become tainted with dark shadows or clouds, leaving you feeling unwell, tired, out of balance and often depressed. A vicious cycle can gain momentum attracting more negative energies and thus resulting in more challenges.

An Aura Healing conducted with Sage, which has been a traditional spiritual healing for many centuries can combat these negative energies and assist with a clean, bright and healed aura.

Whilst aura cleansing can be carried out by yourself, some stubborn negative energies or entities that influence our decisions may require removal by a skilled Energy Worker.

Susan Skyring is a skilled Clairvoyant and Energy Worker and offers Sage Aura Cleansing at the Mind, Body & Spirit Centre.

Call Susan Skyring : Ph 0417 730 313 for bookings.